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during the most unstable times, the world has ever seen!.


Are You Worried About How You Can Keep Your Business Stable & Growing?

We All know that doing business has changed forever!


Empower your campaigns with the effective ‘Digital Media Marketing’. “Don’t get lost in the sauce” like so many Local Businesses.


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Generating New Ideas, Solving Big Problems

We are always at work exploring new digital technologies for enhancing the customer’s experience with your business’s products and services.  Especially in the climate, we are currently in at this moment.

Greater Visibility

We will target research your Brand’s Look on Social Media to construct a more viable presence online.  More Presence, more business! 

Brand Identity

Does your Brand speak clearly for your business? Or convey your message online to your potential audience, if not we’ll know how to make improvements.

Web Development

We can create a website that is in line with your company’s vision, and help you deliver this message clearly to your potential customers.

Chatbox Marketing

With the right marketing bot, your business can scale to new heights.  We know Chatbot FB marketing is a special kind of marketing, where a chat conversation is the end-user interface.

Video Marketing

Today, videos have become one of the most powerful ways for a business to become more credible online.  This is why we have designed a strategetic marketing Video Blueprint for all kinds of Entrepreneurs.

Mobile APPS

Right now Smartphones have changed the online experience completely.  We know the power of Push Notifications. We’ll show you how your business can improve customer loyalty and more customer engagement.

If Your Business Is Not A Part Of The Mobile App Revolution


You are Missing Out On The Massive Returns You Could Be Receiving! Local Businesses Are GROWING THERE $$ REVENUE $$ WITH RECORD SPEED BY HAVING THEIR OWN MOBILE APP

If Your Business Is Not A Part Of The Mobile App Revolution


You are Missing Out On The Massive Returns You Could Be Receiving! Local Businesses Are GROWING THERE $$ REVENUE $$ WITH RECORD SPEED BY HAVING THEIR OWN MOBILE APP

Hey’s Why..

It’s the ultimate customer engager

Here’s Why..

It’s the ultimate customer engager

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If you are looking for something that will boost sales with customers.  Then, we recommend your business having a Mobile App to Sell your Products and Services.  Mobile Apps are Customer Magnets.

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Why We Are Different?

Because knowledge is power, we will not only do the work for you but we will even coach you through step by step to how to do a lot of things yourself. 

Promote Your Brand With Video Marketing

We recommend this Marketing Strategy if you are looking to create a Viral Buzz.

Brand Awareness Videos


Video Ads for Social Media

If you are a Local Business and you just rely on the old methods of getting “New Customers”.  And you don’t have a video to represent your business online. Then, you’re missing out on a very powerful Method of Marketing which is Video Marketing.

Interview -Style Commerical

Video Branding Intros


Reputation Videos

Building a reputation online and marketing it with Video is the most  powerful way to make a lasting impact to your customers.  This Could be the deciding factor for them to buy with your Company.

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Website Development

Can Your Website Represent You On All Devices?

Included in our services, we do specialize in Website Development.  We make all our websites Responsive so they can conform to any devices whether it be desktop to smart phones…

Here are just a few testimonies to wet your mouth.

“Working with Tanesha Walker for the development of our mobile app was such a pleasure! She has a comprehensive overview of not only how to develop an amazing app, but intuitive, efficient, in the turnaround from concept to deployment was incredibly fast.”

Victoria Wilson James

Executive Director, Planet Glamazon

“Tanesha Walker is a true professional and very well versed in SEO, Web Design, App Production, and Reputation Marketing. Her work product is impeccable and she is always responsive to the client’s needs!”

Cescily McCoy

CEO, Hair Kinetics 3

 “Tanesha has built an incredibly creative, colorful and funny website that is both striking and easy to navigate around. Tanesha is in constant contact with you throughout the creative process to ensure that what she is designing fits with your vision and brand.

Christian Gibson

Creative Director, Intl. Perfomance Hub

“Tanesha has been my website designer for a number of years now, I like how she always looks for a solution to whatever problem that might come up regarding the website.  She really  great to work with.”

Ronald Matthys

Store Owner, Music Maestro

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